BYGU Rules:

We know that there are rules out there for some of the games that we offer, but these are Backyard Games Unlimited rules, because we believe all of the games we have should be fun for everyone and enjoyable. So we have tested and tried many different ways to play and these rules are our best offerings so everybody can enjoy. We welcome everybody to make up their own ways to play their games but when you can't agree, we have a set for you.


BYGU Cornhole rules:

  • Set up the boards facing each other(front to front), 20 feet apart.
  • Play is between pairs of people 2 or 4 with team partners facing each other from opposite boards.
  • Play starts at either end with each opposite team member throwing their own color bags and staying behind the front of the board when throwing (either side of the board is fine).
  • Opponents alternate tossing their bags until all 8 bags are played.
  • The round is then scored with 1 point for every bag that lands on the board (without hitting the ground first) and 3 points for every bag that goes in the hole per team. Subtract the team with the less amount of points from the team with the most amount of points and that is the amount of points the team that had the highest points has for a score.
  • Repeat play at the other end with the team that scored the last points going first.
  • Keep playing until one team reaches 15 points.